Peer Assistants

The Peer Assistants are here to help you transition to campus life at TIU. These students are all native Japanese speakers as well as fluent in English. They are your cross-cultural guides to adjusting to Japan, whether it be how to sign up for a phone contract or planning how to visit somewhere.

A Peer Assistant will be introduced to you when you arrive at Tokyo International University. They will have weekly meetings with you to catch up, offer advice, and make sure you are getting the most out of your experience.

They will also organize more casual events and outings for you throughout the semester. Some past events include trips to Tokyo Skytree and Disneyland as well as barbecues, karaoke and bowling.

Moe Ojima  |  JapanMoe Ojima | Japan

PAs help JSP students live comfortably in Japan. I enjoy conversations with JSP students and learning different culture from each other.