Request Transcript

I. Ways of Ordering

Former students may order official transcripts to be delivered directly to any given address. Please note that the directions are different depending on where you would like your documents to be sent. Please read and follow the directions best suited to your situation. At the end of this page you will be promoted to complete an online request form.

  • For those who are applying from within Japan:

Please pay by Postal Money Order. (定額小為替 )
When filling out the Postal Money Order, please leave the field “Payeeblank.

Postal Money Orders can be obtained through your local “JP Post Office.” Payment will be processed at the post office. Note that the shipping fee is included within the price (¥500) of the first certificate. An additional shipping fee will not be charged for domestic orders. If you have any questions or concerns at the time of sending the Postal Money Order, or for more information, please visit your local post office.

  • For those who are applying from overseas:

Please pay by International Postal Money Order.
In filling out the International Postal Money Order, please note the following details:

Tokyo International University.
1-13-1 Matobakita, Kawagoe,
Saitama 350-1197, Japan

When sending the International Postal Money Order within a sealed mailing envelope, please address the envelope as follows:

Tokyo International University.
E-Track Academic Affairs Office
Building 1
1-13-1 Matobakita, Kawagoe,
Saitama 350-1197, Japan

After we receive your request and International Postal Money Order, we will mail your transcript.

**Unofficial transcripts may also be requested by email.

II. Cost

Type of Certificate

Department in Charge

Certificate Processing Fee


Academic Affairs

First Order

Orders Thereafter

First document only

Per Copy

For those who wish to have their certificates mailed within Japan, the certificates will be sent by “letter-pack” through postal delivery service, which is included in the first certificate fee.

Certificate Processing Fee Example:
When ordering 2 transcripts: ¥500+¥200 = ¥700

For those who wish to have their certificates sent overseas, EMS (International Express Mail Service) will be used. In addition to the fee for your certificates, which are outlined in the above chart, you will be required to pay the EMS shipping fee.

When your order has been shipped, you will be notified by email with an EMS tracking number.


EMS Shipping Fee



Central America
North America
Middle East




South America


* Please note that it is not possible for some countries to receive EMS shipping, and an alternate shipping courier will be used in its place. Detailed information regarding these special cases will be provided via e-mail after the application has been submitted.

Certificate Processing Fee Example with EMS Fee:
When ordering 2 transcripts: ¥500+¥200+ ¥2,000(North America EMS) = ¥2,700

Students who wish to receive transcripts for personal or other academic purposes may apply in the form below.

Processing Time:
After payment is received, orders take three business days for processing. It may take additional time to receive if you are having your certificate delivered.