Curious to learn about Japan? Come have a look at our curriculum!

The JSP curriculum is dynamic and flexible, meeting the needs of students from a wide range of background. JSP offers Japanese language courses as well as elective courses on topics related to Japan. These courses are offered from a variety of fields, such as sociology, art, history, politics and economics. The courses are offered through the International Relations (IR) and Business Economics (BE) majors of our English-based undergraduate schools(“E-track”). In addition, elective courses from our Japanese-based undergraduate schools (“J-Track”) are available for students with advanced Japanese language skills.

Courses may change from year to year. Please refer to the Elective Course to get an idea of which course are available.

Students usually register for 16 – 20 credits. The maximum number of credits per semester is 20.

[Completion Requirements]
You must earn credits for two or more courses in order to receive a certificate of completion.