Credit Transfer

TIU credits are distributed in the same way as most universities in the USA. Generally, 1 TIU credit corresponds to 1 USA credit, or 2 ECTS credits or 4 UK credits. However, the transfer of credits is entirely at the discretion of your home university, so please check with the academic registrar’s office regarding your university’s policy for transfer credits.

Some limits may also apply on the maximum number of credits you are allowed to register. JSP students usually register between 16 and 20 credits.

In addition, grades obtained while studying abroad may not count toward your overall GPA in your home institution. Please check with your academic registrar’s office.

Total class time
(in class)
Study time
(outside class)
Number of weeks
(total hours)
Credits (Total)
2hrs/week4hrs/week15 weeks (90hrs)2 credits
4hrs/week8hrs / week15 weeks (180hrs)4 credits
* Actual class time lasts 90 minutes, but under TIU’s credit system, each period corresponds to 2 hours.