Admitted Students

Enrollment Procedure

After acceptance into the Japan Studies Program (JSP), students must complete the two-step enrollment procedure below. If these procedures are not completed by the the designated deadlines, permission to attend the program will be withdrawn. Please note each step has a different deadline.

Step 1

(1) Deadline (Step 1)

Please refer to the Admission Schedule for the enrollment deadline of step 1.

(2) Visa Application

All non-Japanese nationals are required to apply for a visa. Visa applications are made through us. Download the below package of files required for your visa application. All required documents should be sent to Ligareus Ltd. by e-mail before the deadline (see (1) Deadline).

Visa Application Package (For admitted students Fall 2024)

All instructions are included in file “1. Visa Information.” Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding. Please note that the “3.  Application for Certificate of Eligibility” file is password protected. The password is included in the acceptance notice sent by e-mail.

Download Form - IconVisa Application Package ZIP Download

Documents included in this package:

  1. Visa information
  2. How to fill in the Application for Certificate of Eligibility
  3. Application for Certificate of Eligibility
  4. Oath of Financial Support

(3) Required Documents (Step 1)

Please prepare and submit the following items before the deadline (see (1) Deadline). Items 1 should be submitted online. Only students with Japanese nationality are required to send items 2 and 3 by e-mail to

1) Host Family Matching Form

In order to provide the best match with host families, please provide the information requested in the online form below. This form also includes a separate sheet for the student to write a self-introduction. Please refer to the instructions on how to write your self-introduction.

If you prefer a larger window to fill out the form, please click here.

2) Passport identification page (copy) (Japanese nationals only)

Scanned color image of the identification page of your passport.

3) Digital Passport Style Photo (Japanese nationals only)

A digital photo of your face, with the following specifications:

  1. Larger than 600 x× 800 pixel (jpeg format)
  2. Full face to mid torso, front view, eyes open with a plain white background.
  3. Taken within the last three months

Step 2

(1) Deadline (Step 2)

Please refer to the Admission Schedule for the enrollment deadline of step 2.

(2) Program Fee Payment

TIU will send all admitted students an Acceptance Letter and Invoice to the e-mail address registered on the application form. An invoice for the optional Kyoto Excursion will also be included.

Payment details can be found on the invoice. Please complete the payment by the deadline (see (1) Deadline).

If you applied for JSP through your home university, please follow the instructions from your home university.

(3) Required Documents (Step 2)

Please prepare and submit the following items before the deadline (see (1) Deadline). Items 1-3 should be sent by e-mail to . There is no need to send us the originals by postal mail.

1) Certificate of Health

The certificate of Health must be filled out by a physician.

Download Form - Icon
Certificate of Health PDF Download

2) Kyoto Excursion Application Form

The 3-day Kyoto Excursion is optional, but submission of the form is mandatory.

NOTE: Once you apply for the Kyoto Excursion with this form, we are not able to accept cancellations except in the case of an unavoidable reason.

For more information about the Kyoto Excursion, please click here.

Download Form - Icon
Kyoto Excursion Application Form PDF Download

3) Oath

The oath must be signed by each applicant and a guardian. In case of the absence of a guardian, the oath can also be signed by a guarantor.

Download Form - Icon
Oath PDF Download

(4) Flight and Arrival Confirmation

We will ask everyone to register their flight information on a specific online service program. We will notify you at a later date when the system is ready.

Airport Pickup Service

TIU offers Airport pick-up Service for students who stay at the Kawagoe Daiichi Hotel. TIU Welcome Committee will meet students at 3:00 pm at Narita International Airport and at 4:30 pm at Haneda International Airport on the “Arrival in Japan” date specified in the Admission Schedule.

To clarify, for Narita Airport, your flight must arrive by 1:00 pm, and for Haneda Airport, it must arrive by 2:30 pm.

We will provide the following services for those who need assistance at the airport:

  1. Welcome you at the arrival lobby.
  2. Take you to a currency exchange counter and help you exchange your money to JPY.
  3. Take you to a delivery service counter and help you arrange your baggage delivery.
  4. Take you to the bus arranged by the university and meet you up there.
  5. After picking up students at Narita/Haneda International Airport, the bus takes you directly to the hotel.

Detailed information on where to meet our pickup staff at the airport will be sent to students who applied for our Airport Pickup Service through AMARYS, the designated system.

Hotel Booking

For hotel accommodations on the “Arrival in Japan” date specified in the Admission Schedule, we recommend students to stay at the Kawagoe Daiichi Hotel. This arrangement offers two distinct advantages:

  1. You will receive a 10% discount on the standard price for one night.
  2. TIU will provide a shuttle bus to pick you up directly at the hotel lobby on the program start date.

The reservation for the Kawagoe Daiichi Hotel will be made by TIU, so there is no need for individuals to make reservations separately.

The discount is only applied when you pay in cash. Please make sure to bring a sufficient amount of Japanese yen. If you need to exchange currency, please do so at the airport when you arrive.